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Every effort is made to ensure all information on this site is accurate. Each submission has been personally contacted to confirm that the information about them is accurate and up to date. In most cases the description about each, is in their own words.

heatonmoor.com cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions. All information is collected and displayed in good faith. Although businesses and services are shown on this site and in some cases reviewed, we cannot be held responsible for any poor service, lack of professionality or failure to meet a reasonable level of service that may occur if you choose to use any business or service listed on this site.

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The Beer Shop
Off licence
Heaton Moor

Sir Wagalot Dog Walking & Pet Services
Dog Walking
Heaton Moor

Dog Walking
Heaton Moor

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Practical Philosophy
St James Independent School
every tuesday

Craft & Vintage Sunday
Broadstone Mill Upper Ground Floor
The 20th of every month

Pub Quiz
The Elizabethan, Heaton Moor Road
every wednesday