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Food and Drink on heatonmoor.com

On the Food and Drink pages of heatonmoor.com you will find full listings of the places in and around Heaton Moor where you can go for a meal, order takeaway from or buy something nice to make for yourself at home. If you know a place that isn't listed then either drop us an email via the contacts page or mention heatonmoor.com next time your there.

Eating out is always a nice when you fancy something a bit special. This is a list of all the restaurants on the Moor where you can go of an evening when you can't be bothered with cooking, or the washing up after. As the 7pm Girls tour the area looking for the tastiest meals around, the number of restaurant reviews will grow. Keep you eye on these pages to see the places that have been reviewed. See the restaurants

Take aways
One thing that Heaton Moor is certainly not short of is a good take away. There are establishments catering for all tastes. We have listed the whole lot here and even places from the surrounding area (if you choose to consider them too). The choice is huge so the reviews may help. See the take aways

Buying food for your home
A directory of local food shops. The recently built Tesco is the easiest choice, but is it the best? and can you find things elsewhere cheaper? A full list of food shops may tempt you away from the easy option once you know what they have to offer elsewhere. See the shops

Buying alcohol for your home
Whether your having a party or just want a nice bottle for yourself, here are our suggestions for where to go when your looking for that special drink. See the shops







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The Beer Shop
Off licence
Heaton Moor

Sir Wagalot Dog Walking & Pet Services
Dog Walking
Heaton Moor

Dog Walking
Heaton Moor

with map


Practical Philosophy
St James Independent School
every tuesday

Craft & Vintage Sunday
Broadstone Mill Upper Ground Floor
The 20th of every month

Pub Quiz
The Elizabethan, Heaton Moor Road
every wednesday